Monday, August 15, 2011

Souvenirs de la France: Rue Ste. Claire

When visitors talk about Annecy, they are often referring to Vielle Ville, the old town, with its many churches, canals, and narrow, winding streets.  And one of the most well known streets is Rue Ste. Claire, the main street of old town.

This photo was taken on one of the few sunny days we had, with the sun illuminating the warmly colored houses and the cobbled street.  I enjoy Rue. Ste. Claire more than any other street in the old city; it is always full of life with shops and cafés sharing the sidewalk with locals and visitors.

The shops here have a special "tucked away" quality.  One of my favorites is the shop that sells all variety of market baskets.  Because they are handmade, each one is just a little different.

I also love the shops that sell textiles for the home. Table linens, torchons, linens for the bed--oh, I could spend lots of time and lots of euros in those shops!

And then there are doors and passages that lead to who knows where.  Does someone live at No. 10 Rue Ste. Claire?  These heavy, wood doors are found all along the street, tucked in between the shops and cafes, and I always wonder what's behind them.

It's hard to believe I've only been home one week because this visit to France already seems so long ago  . . .


  1. Is that where your "orange" bag is from? It looks similar.

  2. Hmmm? I think I got my basket from a vendor at one of the markets. But honestly Leigh, it was so long ago, who knows. And it is orange!

  3. I stayed in Gap last summer, and so many of the buildings in old town have those same wonderful paint colors. Looks like wonderful shopping, too; there is nothing quite like shopping in France.

  4. Like you, I could spend all my euros in home textile shops; I have several tea towels from Guatemala that sit in a powder room basket because I went a little crazy when I visited Antigua a few years ago. I'm heading to Italy in a few weeks, and my souvenir list includes some baskets, a set of cloth napkins in a bright color, and matchbooks from bars that I'll keep in an antique copper bucket.

  5. I love these images. I haven't been to the south of France yet, but I dream of wandering amongst cafes and stalls like these.

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