Saturday, May 14, 2011

My French Closet: The plan

Apologies for not posting this yesterday as promised; I also apologize if your comment disappeared from a previous post.  The Blogger platform was down, and a number of reader comments were lost.

The inspiration for my closet is the armoire.  With its shelves and drawers and hanging space in one tidy package, the armoire is standard in many apartments and small homes that lack sufficient closet space.

Armoires are efficient and convenient; when you open the doors, you can see everything at a glance:  folded items on open shelves, hanging space high enough so nothing touches the bottom, and maybe even a drawer or two for precious items.

I've always loved the idea of an armoire, but have never had a room big enough to hold one; as efficient as they are, an armoire can eat up a lot of space in a room.  But here, in my new house, I can have the best of both by converting a closet into a built-in armoire.

Working with an architect and contractor, we came up with the interior closet plan posted above, that will provide plenty of hanging space and lots of open shelving/cubbies to hold my shoes, sweaters and folded items.  I am not a DIYer which is why I needed help with the design and construction, although I am spending the weekend painting every single one of those shelves before they're installed next week.

So, if you're looking for ideas for your own closet, feel free to borrow my design (you can click on the image to enlarge).  I'd love to hear about your project too!


  1. can't wait to see the final result ... I lust after an armoire as well ...

  2. What a great idea - a custom-built armoire. Thanks for sharing your design plans.

  3. Nice! I had an armoire but my sweaters were too bulky (i.e. I have too much junk). My closet has the elfa system from container store, but only the basic pieces. Some day I spend the money to add to it.