Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week-end Simple: Cook up a croque monsieur

It's late Sunday morning.  You've indulged by sleeping in, but now you're awake.  And hungry.

With some butter and jam, that leftover bit of baguette from last night's dinner would be tasty, but you're in the mood for something more lunch-y.

You check the fridge for ingredients.  Gruyère?  Check.  Butter?  Check.  Dijon?  Check.  Thinly sliced ham?  Check.  Et voila!  You have what you need to cook up a croque monsieur.

Whether we have Proust and his grand-mère to thank for the popularity of this satisfying sandwich is unclear, but croque monsieur has been on French bistro menus for over a hundred years.  And though I've never actually sampled a croque monsieur in France, its glorious gooey-ness is easy to replicate in my own kitchen.  What's more is it's perfect for a brunch, a quick snack, or even a simple supper.  Or, maybe all three . . .

Bon week-end!


  1. My husband's favourite quick fix. Although, I don't think he ever realized it had such a fancy French name!

  2. My favorite part of visiting Napa is going to Bouchon Bakery every single morning for the croque monsieur. It's so yummy!! ck

  3. I adore croque monsieurs! So own idea of comfort food.

  4. Yum. I love all sandwiches with melted cheese.

  5. is nearly 11PM here and when this photo came up my stomach actually growled. It growled! This looks absolutely delicious!

  6. I make mine with béchamel sauce. Add 500 calories to the sandwich!

  7. Love the croques! I can't enjoy them in France because I'm gluten intolerant, but we do enjoy them here! It's pouring rain here today- and they're perfect rainy day food- thanks for the inspiration- I'll be making one for lunch!!

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