Monday, April 25, 2011

Gâteau au yaourt

For years I've been hearing about French yogurt cake and my first thought is always, "There such a thing as French yogurt?"  A little research revealed that the cake recipe is French, not the yogurt.   

I also discovered there are slight variations in the recipe:  Dorie Greenspan makes hers with extra virgin olive oil, others use vegetable oil, and some dress up the cake with almonds, or raspberry filling.

Since this was my first attempt, I went with the basic recipe found on Clotilde Dusoulier's Chocolate & Zucchini.  As I was putting the recipe together, it occurred to me, that, I had made this cake before.  Yes, years ago, a variation made with sour cream! 

So how was the result?  A tougher crumb, and not as fine a texture as the sour cream cake, which makes sense due to the lower fat content (though the more likely explanation is my oven was too hot or I left the cake bake too long!)  Still, the cake was delicious and could be eaten for breakfast, snack, or a dessert, just as Clotilde promised.

Gâteau au yaourt, is very easy to make and is often the first cake that French kids learn how to bake. Hmm, I wonder if my nephews Maxime and Jules know about this?

Have you ever baked French yogurt cake?


  1. Yep, I like it a lot. It's not too sweet and is perfect with any accompaniment ... or nothing at all.

  2. Oh yes, it's the favourite cake in our family. Chocolate yoghurt cake from Susan Loomis' On Rue Tatin. It's a winner every time.

  3. I've made a yogurt spiced pound cake before that was delicious. I think you have to really use full fat (cream top) yogurt to get the moistness.

  4. Kalee, I used Stonyfield Whole Milk yogurt but was disappointed with the result. What brand do you use?

    Jo, I'll check out her recipe. Thanks!

    Marsi, I think it will be delicious . . . once I get the recipe right.

  5. I've never heard of it. It seems like it would be lighter version of cheese cake? But you know how picky I am, I don't like anything savory-ish in my dessert.

  6. Thank you for this post - it sent me to the bookshelf for my copy of Chocolate & Zucchini. I tend to forget all the great recipes within!

  7. Yes! I made it once many, many years ago. The problem is that I'm not much of a gateau lover. Prefer CHEESE!