Thursday, March 10, 2011

Looking for an idea for a new series

This has been such a busy week, mon dieu!  I like to post on Monday and Wednesday, and write a week-end simple post on Friday or Saturday, but here it is, Thursday already!

I have a few posts planned, and a couple of giveaways coming up, but what I really want to do is another week-long series. 

I enjoy writing a series of posts; it gives my writing focus, and occasionally it's fun to explore a topic in depth. I've done series' on tartes, wine, wardrobe, grocery shopping, tiny kitchen, living with less, cooking for one.

Just can't decide on a topic . . .



  1. I would love to hear more about Annecy and the surrounding region. I'm always up for wardrobe, saving/budgeting, and small kitchen posts too :)

    You do great series posts and I love how your blog is so focused.

  2. How about French country gardens and similar plants that could be used to replicate the look here?

  3. I'm with Stephanie: more on your time in Annecy!

  4. You mentioned that you did the kitchen and the closet...what about other areas of the home? (Like the bathroom, guest room or bedroom? about how posts on "the best" as you see in I had my best cup of coffee at X place, (Was it at a little forgotten "Mom and Pop" diner or at your own kitchen table?)(perhaps including instructions on how you make a great cup?? ) Perhaps a series of your top 5 experiences in Annecy...or anywhere! I love series on things a person loves; the posts are always shared as such happy experiences (and makes the reader happy with that shared experience :)

  5. I'm always fascinated to read inspirational pieces about how the French bring joie de vivre into their everyday lives .... also did you ever write about your Inner French girl (as many of us did) I would love to read about yours and her wardrobe, what she cooks, how her house is and how she spends her time, money, etc. I loved all those posts on FC so much ...

  6. PS I would also love a sneak peek on your closet. I loved Luxebytes recent one and like Dead Fleurette's posts along those lines ...

  7. My thoughts right now are on gardening and sprucing up my spring wardrobe -- so a series on the French garden (or patio garden) or a peek inside the closet work for me.

  8. Marsi and Stephanie, yes, I think a short series on my experiences in Annecy would be perfect! This weekend I'll look through my photos to see what I have. C'est une bonne idee!

    Kristi and aaonce, once my renovations are scheduled I will definitely blog about my closet, kitchen, and bath reno. I'll provide lots of before and after pics!

    K, I don't know if I possess an inner French girl, but I must right? LOL, now that would be a fun series . . .

    Leigh and Cathy, I'm sure some gardening posts and patio pics will find their way onto My French Corner, especially since my French backyard needs a lot of work.

    Thanks, all of you, for these great suggestions. They should keep me going for a while. Mille mercis!