Friday, February 4, 2011

Week-end Simple: Set a pretty table

It's the depths of winter; the days are too short, the weather is too cold, and there's lots of snow for some.  Maybe you could brighten your weekend and make one of your meals extra special by setting a pretty table.

I know we all set the table for meal time, but I'm talking something special here.  Bring out the pressed table linens and the sterling flatware and candles.  

I'm not suggesting anything formal, but rather simple elegance.  And the meal?  It could be a simple roast chicken, or humble eggs, or even a bowl of soup.  It really doesn't matter what you serve when you set a pretty table, n'est-ce pas?

Bon week-end!


  1. It really does make dining nicer. We always have a table cloth on, whether a sunshine-y yellow or an old family one in white. Same with cloth napkins. And we've been using the sterling flatware more and more. It makes it feel much more special, even when it's just pizza and a salad.

  2. Yes, Kalee, it's so true!

  3. Far too often, I don't make the effort to do this and sometimes I don't even realize how far I slide. It really does make a difference in the enjoyment of your meal.

  4. I am happy to say this is something I have instilled into my family for every dinner. We use the cloth napkins, nice dishes, and set a pretty table. As a family we deserve it...dinner is the time of day when we all come together to eat and share what happened in our worlds the past hours when we were all seperated. I hope my children do the same with their families some day as well.

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