Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Makers Project

On Monday I posted about Jennifer Causey's Simply Breakfast blog and the companion books.  Did you know that Jennifer also has several other books including Simply Paris?

But what captured my attention is her most recent endeavor, The Makers Project.  Causey states she is constantly "seeking handmade and artisan-produced products" and "people who embrace a more tactile way of living."  So, she decided to start photographing them.  The result is The Makers Project. 

Looking at the photos and reading about the individual makers reminded me of the European craftsmen and artisans; we often hear about how some craft will be lost because younger generations are making other choices.  Yet Jennifer Causey is documenting how craft is being preserved right here in the states.


  1. That it is a great idea! I think the reasons kids aren't choosing those options is pretty clear- limited awareness,education, respect, income, "sexiness", but it doesn't seem like much is being done (on a large scale) to change this. Too bad.

  2. I am loving seeing my generation and the one before us really get their hands into things, such as canning or learning to make something that people used to be okay buying from someplace made in China. I love that we're in a time where people are willing to pay a little more for a handmade items made by someone with skill. The Makers Project is awesome!