Wednesday, February 2, 2011

French Twist

Nothing like spring fashions to give us something to look forward to, n'est-ce pas?  Even if your not looking to buy, you have to check out Talbots Spring Look Book and online catalog.  The ad campaign for spring?  French Twist!

Back in May I posted about Talbots Fall 2010 collection, their changing demographic and their new, hip appeal.  This Spring 2011 collection will not disappoint; the looks are fresh without being trendy and classic without being stuffy.

Inspired by old-school (think 1950s) Paris but tailored for a modern aesthetic, the sheath dresses are classic and the skirts are elegant yet playful, with names like "Tres Jolie" and "Champs-Élysées."

Alas, I'm not a dress or skirt gal, but I could definitely see myself in a pair of these slim ankle trousers with that pair of four inch black Stuart Weitzman heels that are hanging out in my closet!


  1. Are those the shoes with the "wood" heel? I always thought of Talbots as "old lady" (sorry) but maybe I should reconsider.

  2. Yes! They are the black leather with the four inch tortoise shell heels--good memory Leigh!

    Talbots has completely revamped as of Fall 2010--gorgeous stuff. You should check it out. And don't worry, I didn't take that old lady reference personally :)

  3. I've loved the new look books that Talbot's has come out with the last 2 seasons as well. However, I wish they would get the same team to do their in-store merchandising. The stores (at least the ones in this area) still seem to cater to the "little old lady in matching separates and sensible shoes" demographic. When I go in Talbot's, I'm usually the youngest person (at 50!) in the store, and I feel out of place. I like to think I can still rock a little style.

  4. thanks for the link. Long ago, I would buy Talbots because they were one of the few stores that offered petite sizes but then gave up on them because their clothes were so boring. I very much like the latest direction they are taking.

  5. Talbot's is amazing and I find the clothes to be classic and well-made. I am absolutely a skirt person and am excited to see the direction they are taking this season. Thank you for sharing this!