Monday, January 10, 2011

Culinaria France

Browsing the bargain shelves at Barnes and Noble I always seem to find a book:  books on decorating, books for my classroom, and this find on French cuisine.

Culinaria France is part of the successful Culinaria series, which includes volumes on Italy, Greece, Spain, as well as France.  More than cookbooks, these beautiful books are filled with information about the food and wines of each country.

Culinaria France is organized into 12 gastronomic regions--Ile de France, Provence, the Loire Valley--and features food specialties and recipes from each region.  But there are also discussions on regional cheeses, breads, and wines, as well as information on how each region capitalizes on its natural resources.  Beautifully photographed and illustrated, Culinaria France is a primer on French gastronomy, where you can read up on topics including the history of the Parisian baguette to the salt farmers of Carmargue and the wines of Languedoc.

If you are a serious foodie, or interested in more than recipes and cooking, you will appreciate what the Culinaria series offers.  The series has recently been relaunched with a new format and new photos, and whether you check it out from the library, browse a volume at the bookstore, or, pick up a bargain copy, you won't be disappointed.

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  1. I love the cover photograph. If the inside photos are just as pretty, they would be worth framing for a kitchen.