Monday, December 27, 2010

Tour my tiny kitchen

I have a little more time for blogging this week so I thought it might be fun to do a tour of my tiny kitchen, a kind of mini-series, if you will.

I wanted my first photo to be of the entire kitchen, but I couldn't find the proper angle to get capture it without going outside, or standing on the countertop!

What you see here is the long view, captured while standing on the steps leading down to my basement.  I tried to make it look as big as possible by angling the camera--how did I do?

On the right is my sink, the dishwasher covered by the countertop, and my stove with a microwave above; what you can't see is the hulking refrigerator just across from the stove.  And right next to the fridge is a cabinet with a little more counter space.

What the photo does show is the fabulous light that pours in every afternoon; it's one of the kitchen's best features.


  1. You do get good light. I think it's charming and has everything you need. Small kitchens force creativity and more of a "from scratch" attitude. To me, they encourage using old school techniques rather than the latest and greatest electronic big gadget out there. I look forward to the rest of the series.

  2. Light really does make a kitchen feel more pleasant doesn't it?

  3. Steph, it does have everything I need--just not in the right place!

    I LOVE the size--it's super-efficient and oh-so-European. It's the layout that makes me crazy, but I am working through how to best remedy the layout without altering the footprint.

  4. Kalee, to me the light makes all the difference, especially now because this kitchen is dark: black/stainless appliances, darker wall cabinets, dark floor, and a dark countertop.

  5. Leigh, now just imagine the same light in a brand new all white kitchen . . .