Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tiny Kitchen Tour: Pantry

One thing I really miss about my old house is the pantry.  If you've been following My French Corner for a while, you might remember last winter I posted about that pantry. Created from reclaimed space under the stairs, deep and high, it was walk-in pantry with a door.  In my new kitchen, what serves as a pantry are eight shallow shelves just to the right of my stove.

I actually like the shallow shelving (these are 7 inches, but I think 8 inches would be the perfect depth), and the height takes full advantage of wall space. The location is makes great use of what would otherwise be dead space; appliances can't placed here because the steps to the basement would be blocked.  Today the pantry is a little bare, but even filled, I think it's enough space.

But I would like a door on my pantry; items that aren't frequently used collect dust: my oversize serving platter, my dishes for entertaining, my cookbooks.  When I look at photos of kitchens with open shelving, I wonder if those dishes ever get dusty?

I'm considering a pocket door when I renovate the kitchen, or maybe framing in the space and adding a door to create a pantry similar to what these homeowners did.  I also like the commercial look of this narrow rolling unit, but it doesn't solve the open shelving issue.  There may even be the option to move the pantry to another part of the kitchen, or maybe even another place in the house.  We'll just have to wait and see . . .


  1. I like your pantry! You keep things so neat and organized that a weekly quick run through with a feather duster would keep things clean enough in there. I do, however, adore those slim rolling carts you link to. I may consider one of those for some of my more frequently used items as I don't have a pantry.

  2. I always wonder the same thing about open storage! They always look lovely in catalogues and magazines but just don't seem practical. Your space isn't large enough, I don't think, but I'm loving the look of sliding barn doors.

  3. Thanks, Steph. Yes, those rolling carts are really nice, and really nice looking. And narrow enough that they could tuck in easily.

    Leigh, I love the sliding barn doors and have thought about one for my bedroom (you need to come over and see my house!!) But I'm not sure it would work for the kitchen.