Wednesday, December 1, 2010

La vache qui rit bowl

I love Laughing Cow cheese, and, like the cow, I had to laugh when I saw this footed bowl at Blazing Thyme, a site that sells French housewares.

It's not for me, but, I know a few friends who would love this bowl, or any of the items at Blazing Thyme, including the La Rochere glassware, the kitchen linens, the beautiful vintage-print footed bowls.  I confess that I did fall in love with this butter dish, large enough to hold a block of French butter.

I guess it's not too early to start thinking about holiday gifts and some of these pretty items on this site might just fit the bill.


  1. Love it! So cute! We should get it for Kate...she LOVES her Laughing Cow cheese.

  2. It's really cute. Imagine waking up to a bowl of yogurt and fruit in this cheerful piece!

  3. Um, that butter dish is divine. It looks like it holds the rectangle shape European butter instead of our skinny sticks.

  4. haha- I like the bowl. They have the same pattern as a clock and hook too, I don't like those.