Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What would you want from France?

For all kinds of reasons, I really missed not going to France this summer. One silly thing I missed was not being able to stock-up or replace non-perishable items that I use throughout the year. However, in a few weeks, my close friend is traveling to Provence and has offered to bring back a few items for me.

One of things I've requested is this 0.5L Pyrex measuring cup; sadly, mine broke over the summer and I've been eager to replace it. Taller than its American cousin, this measuring cup is perfect for a variety of kitchen tasks, including frothing warm milk for the occasional cappuccino.

I'm also going to ask my friend to bring me several boxes of fleur de sel. I usually bring home several boxes from France each summer--some to keep, some to give away. I'm down to my last box and it will be nice to have some extras in my pantry.

Finally, I want another jar or two of sucre grains de patisserie, the coarse brioche sugar. I use these coarse crystals to top brioches and other yeast breads baked during the holidays.

If your friend was going to France, what would you like to have?


  1. Some cafe mugs. White or French Blue. Simple but with an interesting design. Or some new (dinner) plates. Smaller than what is typically available here. I would love it if it was also in an interesting shape (like oblong or triangular). Again, White or French Blue.

  2. I love Mariage Freres and Kusmi teas. I could spend hours and beaucoup d'argent in their tea rooms and boutiques in Paris. I bought enough on my last trip to last me for quite some time, but I would still ask a friend to pick up something special such as a limited edition tea in a lovely canister.
    And I'd also ask for a small box of Laduree macarons in one of their darling boxes.


  3. Comtesse du Barry duck confit, foie gras, boules quies (wax ear plugs); La Roche Posay lip balm and efferalgan (aspirin)!

  4. I guess the better question is what would I not want to have? Choices, choices. Well, now that I've seen the pyrex I most definitely would want one of those! But normally I would say I would like fleur de sel, maille mustard (in a crock), macarons, and a few bottles of local wine from whereever they're going.

    And that house number I won from you? Currently is in my bar area of our front room looking quite lovely. I posted pics of it on my home blog,

  5. I would love to have access to the skin care products in their pharmacies. I've found some sources that I can order from here, but there was nothing like being mesmerized by the soaps and moisturizers on the shelves. Other than that, a scarf!

  6. Well, I'm not that versed in French products, but I think cheese and make up are always good things.

  7. Oh, I'm just about out of blocks of olive oil Savon de Marseille. Laduree macarons. A homemade loaf of pain d'epices and maybe a jar of orange blossom or lavender honey from the little honey shop in Butte aux Cailles. And if it's not too much trouble a little something old and lacy (a hanky or a collar perhaps) from the basement of Artisanant Monastique.