Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Veyrier kitchen

This bright, comfortable kitchen is one of my favorites. Although it's one of the smallest French kitchens I've ever cooked in, its location on the southern facing side of the house means that it is filled with natural light and it feels open and airy.

Located in a house in the village of Veyrier, I have to say that this kitchen does feel very French, though I'm not sure I can say why. Maybe it's the smaller size of everything, from the appliances to the cookware. Perhaps it's the kitchen linens, or maybe the tile floor? How about the big window that swings open wide and the windowbox filled with herbs?

What do you think? Does this kitchen 'feel' French to you?


  1. I would definitely say European. Our kitchen in England had the floor tiles exactly like that, the window that swung out. The colors seem very French to me, as well as the linens, and the small side worktable.

  2. Kalee, yes, definitely European. In fact, all of these kitchens have a distinctly European feel because of the smaller appliances. Such a great use of space!