Monday, July 12, 2010

Veuve Cliquot

The Tour de France continues, Wednesday is Bastille Day, and both of these make me think of celebrations, and celebrations make me think of champagne.

Mireille Guiliano loves the mood champagne creates, "the feeling no other wine can come close to: celebration, life-affirming joy." I couldn't agree more; there's nothing like a glass of champagne to make any occasion a small celebration.

The French love their champagne, and one of the best is Veuve Cliquot. If you have a few minutes, you might enjoy the Veuve Cliquot website. Like other French sites such as Roger Vivier, Hermes, and Anne Fontaine site, Veuve Cliquot's site is delightful and the animation and graphics are fabulous.


  1. Veuve is my all time favorite champagne, sadly I just gave up all alcohol and will miss it so.

  2. I love Veuve, and frankly I think you can find any occasion to celebrate with champagne. It makes the little moments more special.