Thursday, July 22, 2010

Something to make you swoon (and smile!)

Eileen Fisher is one of my favorite clothing lines for wardrobe basics. And since they've reframed their brand to include a younger, more hip demographic, the choices have increased; the capsule wardrobe concept is a foundation of the line.

Eileen Fisher's advertising has also become more playful and fun. You have to check out this video of their new fall collection--more than 100 inspired combinations for work and play that will make you swoon. But what's the French connection here? Why it's the music for the video,"Petit Chaton," by the UK band The Swings.

"Petit Chaton" is a catchy Frenchy tune, and if you really want to smile watch this animated music video--it had me singing and smiling all afternoon.


  1. Love it. They have definitely updated their clothes and I love the results. There's a scarf in there that I must own. And I really like all the jackets and cardigans. Thanks for alerting me of this collection!

  2. Steph, the whole collection is stunning. For me, the look is perfect for the classroom; clothes with a bit of an edge but without being over the top. I really, REALLY want one of those biker jackets . . .

  3. You're right they do have some nice jackets. And the biker one is cool.

  4. A. - I keep revisiting the collection! It really is so good and with a few basic pieces, also very versatile. I think I am going to invest in the deep crimson crinkled scarf and a graphite cardigan or jacket. I love those colors together and think I would get a lot of use out of them.

  5. S, it is one of her best collections yet. Over the years I've bought some basic pieces--grey trousers, black cropped pants, graphite and black tanks--and they've held up very well. Each season I seem to buy a piece to add to the collection. Now that her designs have a little more edge, I can see myself buying a few pieces each season. But what I really love about her clothes are how comfortable and easy-care they are; my favorite fabric is the washable stretch crepe.

    The red scarf is on my list too (I wear this style of scarf ALL the time) and at least one of the jackets.

  6. Steph, p.s., I think that red scarf would look great with your hair color and complexion!

  7. Hello
    I'm new to your blog and I'm really enjoying what you've written.
    I'm in London so sadly don't have the possibility of buying Eileen Fisher's clothes. But I am able to visit Paris at least once a year and we go to Brittany every summer:-)
    Petit Chaton is a sweet song! Have you heard Putumayo's Paris CD? It's got lots of really catchy chansons.
    Best wishes

  8. Welcome Jo, and thanks for visiting. I have heard the Putamayo CD and really like it. Paris once a year? I'm envious!

  9. Hi there, Charlotte from The Swings here, thanks so much for the lovely comments about Petit Chaton! I hope my cat, Guinness, who it's about really appreciates it too - she is still after my brie! We're really pleased that it's on Eileen Fisher's website, gorgeous clothes! Thanks :) If anyone would like to hear more they can youtube us as you mentioned or facebook or xx