Monday, May 3, 2010

French Feasts

Last week I hosted a cocktail party for my friend and colleague; Cindy is getting married in early June, and I wanted to bring together everyone from school to celebrate the joyous occasion.

In typical Cindy-fashion, she brought me a gift, and oh what a fabulous gift it was! French Feasts is chef Stéphane Reynaud's latest creation. I say creation, because, well, cookbook doesn't begin to describe this book. Yes, 299 recipes certainly qualifies French Feasts as a cookbook, but it is much more.

Filled with beautifully styled photos, amusing illustrations, and whimsical touches, Reynaud's French Feasts will make for many evenings of good cooking and good reading.

Mille mercis Cindy!


  1. What a sweet friend you have. It sounds like a fabulous book!

  2. I hope to see you blogging about some of the yummy recipes in this fantastic book.

  3. It was a fantastic evening. I hope you enjoy the book as much as we enjoyed the party!