Friday, April 2, 2010

Week-end Simple: Buy a bar of soap

Soap. We use it everyday--in the kitchen, in the bath, at home and work. So, why not make it a fragrant experience?

J'adore lavender soap. L'Occitane's Savon de Bonne Mere comes in a lavender fragrance, but $6 a bar makes it a little pricey. French soap maker Durance also makes a lavender soap, but their products are hard to find in the US.

A brand of lavender soap that is affordable and available almost everywhere is Yardley's English Lavender. I can pick up a bar at my local grocery or drugstore for $1.25, so I never have to be without. If you scout your own grocery store, I can bet you'll find your own bar of Yardley lavender soap.

Week-end simple is all about finding one way to make life a little lovelier, and I can think of nothing simpler than a bar of sweet smelling soap.

Bon weekend!


  1. I have a lovely olive oil soap in the shape of a cigale that I just started to use in my kitchen this week. I love the simple pleasure of a pretty soap.

  2. I also like using scented soaps, but I find that bars are drying so I use liquid.