Sunday, March 21, 2010

Week-end Simple: Eat an apple

One of the great things about fruit is that it's portable. It's so easy to grab an apple, eat it on the go, and in a few bites you're finished. A quick snack. But this weekend, eat an apple and make it an small celebration.

Carefully select your apple (or pear or orange); choose it for its color or shape or fragrance. If you're lucky you may find one with the stem and leaf sill attached!

When you're ready to eat the fruit, set some time aside, maybe ten minutes. Wash and polish it like a jewel. Select a small plate, maybe one that you save for special occasions, or, one that you use everyday but will be made special today. You'll want a small fruit or paring knife as well, and maybe a crisp cloth napkin.

Find a place to sit, maybe at your table, or by a window, but you must sit. Then carefully slice a piece of your fruit and eat it. When you finish one piece, slice another. Enjoy the simple act of sitting, slicing the fruit, and savoring the flavor.

I learned this from the French, from watching French friends eat a humble piece of fruit as if it were the most elegant dessert, which perhaps it is.

The painting pictured here, "Apple with Knife," was painted by one of my favorite artists, Liza Hirst. Liza lives in Dordogne, France, but you can see her work here, at her site, or at


  1. I love to eat an apple with a knife. I think we are remiss... we often forget the convenience of eating fruit!
    Darling painting!

  2. Greetings from Tokyo & thanks for the amazing post! Japanese apples are relatively big and fatty, so peeled and carved when eaten. It's however been the lack of elegance. We need to improve the ritual :)

  3. I just now wanted to go and get an apple and a knife! You make eating apples sound so glamorous!!!

  4. It was a challenge to eat so slow...had to fight the urge to rush through it. Didn't entirely succeed.

  5. And they come in their own packaging. I've always thought that is the convenient part of fruit, you can just take it and go if you need to. At this time I would like to offer a moment of silence for my favorite honey crisp apples which are really at the end of or over their season and I look forward to next fall when they are fresh and crisp again. I discovered them years ago and I love them. I cut mine up and eat it on a plate. Love them!

  6. This makes me think of why it is so much fun to eat a Clementine or tangerine, you have to take the time to peel it with your hands and then separate each wedge as you eat. I never would have thought this carefully about the process though, how smart.

  7. Thank you very much for featuring my painting and my site here! I just happened to stumble on your blog by chance and love it. I'll definitely be back for more!

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