Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday: 1 + 5 + 7

If there is a day of the week to dress-up for work, it would be Thursday. At school, Thursdays are meeting days--committee meetings, student study meetings, staff meetings. Jeans are not always appropriate, so I would replace jeans with a pair of wide, cuffed grey wool trousers.


Paired with the navy blue silk charmeuse blouse and the mohair cardigan that I selected on Tuesday, black boots and pearl earrings, this outfit projects a relaxed but professional look which is perfect for school. For a dressier look, I might swap out the boots for my four inch polished black leather heels and a navy blue clutch, perfect for a Saturday date night.


  1. i really like your style of capsule dressing.i wonder is it possible to post such an example for spring - summer?

  2. Efi, thank you; you are so sweet. I hadn't considered doing a similar post/series for spring summer, but I can certainly think on it.

  3. This looks good... love the trousers particularly... very chic.

  4. the blue blouse is lovely...where did it come from?

  5. I bought the blue blouse in France--Comptoir des Contonniers. But it's funny that you would ask about it because last weekend I saw one very similar at H&M for $14.99.

    I'm also betting you could find something similar at Ann Taylor or Talbots, especially now because spring is the time to buy all things navy blue!

  6. I feel the same way about Thursdays!