Monday, March 8, 2010

A Tale of Two Closets: What to Wear?

So, I've pulled a few items from my closet--a grey sweater, a black sweater, and a navy blue cardigan sweater coat, as well as my favorite jeans, a pair of black knit jeans that work like leggings, and, a pair of grey wide leg flannel trousers. This week, Kristi selected three scarves; I opted for one scarf, a sleeveless black tee, and, a navy blue charmeuse sleeveless blouse (I hope that's okay, K!) I also selected two pair of boots--one high, one low--to work with the outfits.


Once again I'm using Polyvore; not as authentic as Kristi's photos, but you'll get the idea.

(For those not familiar with Polyvore, it's a web application that allows the user to create virtual sets , or collages, of items found on the web. To create my outfits, I browse items until I find the exact item I have in my closet--like my Frye boots--or an item that is a good match--like these black boots.)

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  1. I like #5, the wide gray pants, they could work for so many situations yet look comfy.