Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My favorite thing that isn't French


Spode. Royal Staffordshire. Johnson Brothers. Wedgewood. Copeland. Rogers & Son.

I love English transferware.
With its pastoral scenes and traditional colors, English transferware is akin to French toile. In fact, the two are often shown together in decorating magazines.

Although I have a few pieces that belonged to my mother, I am not a collector. But, I think I could be. When I saw this brown and white collection for sale on Etsy, I immediately saved it to "My Favorites." Maybe I'll want something like this on a wall in my new house, though I'm not sure it's a decorating touch that says 'Paris apartment.'


  1. Hello,

    I watch for transferware on blogs, saw this post, and had to come visit!

    I just found your blog and was so surprised, pleasantly surprised that is, that you'd used my photo linking to my Etsy listing! Thank you!

    My blog is all about English Transferware...so even though it's not French...I'd love for you to visit. I may get you hooked yet! lol
    You're right about the toile and transferware often seen together. I even have toile wallpaper in my dining room with English transferware plates on display.

    As I am typing my comment I keep peeking over at your archive which shows up just to the right... I'm off to peruse your lovely blog now.

    Again, thanks for the link!


  2. You're so right that English transferware blends in well with the French decor look. I have a few pieces of Burleigh Calico which I've been given over the years and love using it. The crisp blue and white is able to be intermingled with my plain white dishes and still look chic. I saw a magazine article featuring the Burleigh factory (I don't think factory is quite the right word but still) and it's quite fascinating that they use huge sheets of the print, and like wrapping paper or wallpaper 'wrap' around the cup, or over the dish.

  3. I think the main characteristics of a "Paris Apartment" is an apartment filled with things that you truly love!!! My favorite things include blue painted porcelain with scenes of Asia...drooping willow trees, little footbridges and pagodas...one day I would love to have a piece of true Willow-ware.