Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday: 2 + 4 + 8 + 11

My week will end casual, just as it began. Friday begins the weekend for me, and it can mean going out with friends after school, a drive to the lake, or cooking for friends and family at home.


Although they've not been my best or most popular posts, I've enjoyed doing this series, and as always it's been great swapping ideas with Kristi of La Bella Figura. And the timing was perfect, as it's almost time to put away the boots and sweaters and scarves and begin thinking about what to wear for spring!


  1. Very nice - relaxed yet pulled together... which shade/make of red lippie do you like the best or do you have several you like?

  2. i like all those looks very much.what about a bag?dont you use any?

  3. SE, my shade is actually a pink shade from Sephora, and yes, these days I wear only the one shade.

    Efi, I confess that I don't carry a bag. I carry a leather bag back and forth from school--it holds papers to grade, a few books, etc. Otherwise, I carry my wallet (or put my cash, drivers license, and phone in my pocket), and when I dress up, I carry a clutch.