Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bon anniversaire

It's hard to believe that one year ago today I launched My French Corner.

People blog for different reasons, and there are probably as many reasons as there are blogs. For me it began as a way of sharing what I enjoy--experiences, lessons, discoveries related to my interest in France and all things French.

During this past year I've discovered fabulous blogs and have connected with interesting, wonderful people--some who blog, and some who are readers. I've discovered that some bloggers stay true to their original intent while others change direction, and sadly, some abruptly abandon their blogs, without explanation.

This anniversary, or blogiversary, is the perfect time to say thank you to anyone who has read my blog or commented, offered support or encouragement. I've enjoyed writing and responding and connecting; it has been the perfect antidote during a challenging year in my life.

An anniversary is also a good time to evaluate what I've written over the past year, and ask myself whether I still have anything to say. There are days I struggle with finding topics and wonder if I've exhausted my original idea. And, it does bother me that I may not have stayed true to my original intent and message:

"What you will find here are ways to introduce small but authentic French touches into your life. These additions are simple, inexpensive, and most important, compatible with the way we live in our own country. Since there seems to be interest, I thought might share my France experience with others. "

Hmmm, I wonder . . .

I wonder what readers want to find when they visit My French Corner?


  1. Happy Anniversary A! Let me say that I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog over the past year. We started at around the same time and your post is poignant. I think you have stayed true to your original message and it's one of the reasons I enjoy your blog so much. It's focused. And there's also a return to simplicity in your writing and topics that appeals to me a lot. Sometimes blogs can evolve into a bigger is better format and the result is not always that great. I am always interested in your subject matter.

  2. Hi A,
    Happy Blogaversary! I have also enjoyed your blog. I think you have done exactly what you set out to do. Everything I have read and loved about the French mindset has been reiterated here on this blog: the key thing being simplicity. I think you demonstrate that in wardrobe, home, cooking/food and general outlook. I found this blog in a time of inner turmoil and it has proven to be a place of consistent sunshine. You would be dearly missed if you decided not to continue, for I have enjoyed what you have decided share from your life. I wish I could give you insight as to what I would like to see here in the future--but I can't. All I can say is that you have been a part of the process of me artfully simplifying my own life (even if in some areas just meant me taking a new perspective on things).

  3. wow, happy anniversary. So happy for you. I think you've done a great job showing us how to blend both cultures into one. It does not cost extra money and it need not be fancy. I like that. Simple, small changes.

  4. Happy belated blogaversary! I like the authentic French perspective that you bring, by virtue of your annual travel to the Motherland. It's one thing that really sets you apart from so many other bloggers. I hope you'll continue to talk about your visits to France and showing us the small things you observe there that make a difference in the quality of our lives here. I love it when the quotidian is special.

  5. Ack, catching up on my blog reading! Sorry I missed the actual day, nut joyeaux anniversaire! I am so glad to be one of your virtual friends!

  6. I thank each of you so much for your comments, and for sharing your thoughts about My French Corner. My plans are to continue my blog, at least for a while, and I hope you continue reading. Mille mercis!

  7. While some posts may better fit your theme or purpose, I know how much joy you get from researching, creating and responding to the blog- so keep going until you know longer enjoy the process. I most like the posts related to home things (shocking I know). I really enjoyed the pantry post and kitchen garden.