Friday, February 5, 2010

Summer potatoes

It's a cold day here in the DC area and everyone is preparing for the major snowstorm that is about to hit. In anticipation of the snow, we had no school today, so I'm home reading, blogging, and loving the slow quiet of the day.

Slow days remind me of summers in France; the days are relaxed and there is time to spend with friends. One day last summer my sister and her French husband invited some friends for lunch and I was happy to prepare the meal.

In looking through photos from the trip I discovered this one and it immediately put me back to that afternoon. I don't recall what else we served (Darcy, do you?), but I remember arranging this colorful platter of tomatoes, hericots verts, and roasted potatoes. Click on the photo for a closer look, and you can almost taste them! Roasted potatoes are a summer staple for me; they can be prepared on the grill, and complement any grilled meat. They can be eaten hot, or at room temp, as shown above.

Everything in this photo shouts summer--the white platter, the rough hewn white table, and the market fresh vegetables. A perfect antidote for a grey, cold, snowy winter day.


  1. We are also preparing for the snow down here in Richmond, though I have heard that your area is going to be hit hard. Take care of yourself.

    I just received the Secret of Scent book. Thank you. And I love your little note card. It was a perfect touch.

  2. Will you bring the same dish to my pool party this summer? I could eat that whole plate myself. Yum!

  3. Cara, I didn't connect you with Pink Tea--I love your blog!

    Leigh, yes this will be perfect for a summer party!

  4. I think we drizzled some vinegar and oil on top, but since I can't even remember what I had for breakfast, I would suggest you not to take my comment too seriously! :-) - darcy