Saturday, February 6, 2010

La neige grande

I'll be the first to admit that this post has nothing to do with France or anything French. But I couldn't miss the opportunity to write about the snowstorm that has hit the DC area this weekend.

Readers in the northeast and the midwest are accustomed to lots of snow; in Pittsburgh, where I grew up, 20 inches of snow wasn't a big deal. But here in the nation's capital, well, it's a different story. This pic was taken from my backyard and you can see the snow atop my neighbors rooftops and cars. I know the snow's a major inconvenience, but I have to say, it's pretty and I don't mind it at all.

Today I have nothing but time on my hands so I'll be doing lots of reading, cooking, baking, blogging, and of course, shoveling.


  1. Look like that here too. I'm just happy to still have power. I just heard on the news, there is a chance of another 6 inches Tues/Wed.

  2. So far we have gotten 28" here. They are saying that it will making it into the record books. It is pretty, and has allowed me the (much desired) opportunity to catch up on reading my fav blogs and quality time playing games with my little one. I have enjoyed your potato series and I will def be trying the version you posted with olive oil (would have never thought of adding that!!). Hope you are doing well.