Wednesday, February 10, 2010

1 Sweater, 5 Ways: Tuesday

It's another day off from school; we're still digging out, and more snow is predicted for today. I'm venturing out this morning in search of fresh fruit, a bottle of wine, extra batteries, a spare snow shovel, and a full tank of gas.

I pulled on my grey sweater over a short sleeve Gap tee, and since I'll be going out, I added a scarf. Instead of jeans I decided to wear these knit pants that I bought on sale last year at Eileen Fisher. A cross between skinny knit jeans and leggings, these pants are very warm and tres casual, and I love that I can tuck them into my boots. I don't wear them to school, but they're great for weekends and days off from work.


I love the ease and flexibility of uniform dressing, and how this outfit will take me through my day. After running errands, I'll return home, take off my scarf and sweater and do a few chores around the house. A little later in the afternoon I'll do some baking and cooking; I've invited a few neighbors to walk over for dinner this evening, as we're all getting a touch of cabin fever. Before guests arrive, I can throw my sweater back on, swap the scarf for the necklace I wore yesterday, et voila--dressed for a casual evening at home.

So, time to grab my coat and gloves and head out--wish me bonne chance!


  1. I just love the proportions of an oversized sweater over trim slacks, and of course I love the grey on black.

    Did I mention that I'm jealous of all your snow?

  2. Those pants look great, you should wear them to school.

  3. Thanks, Marsi. Yes, the proportions work well, like Kristi's skirt with the oversize sweater (I wish I could wear one of those skirts . . .)

    Leigh, I think the pants are too casual for school, no? But, maybe with a pair of high black boots--which I don't have--they would be better for school?

  4. Oh, Marsi, about the snow: although it's been a major inconvenience, I am appreciating--no, loving--the slower pace, the extreme quiet, and the time at home. I'm looking forward to having my neighbors over for dinner this evening--we haven't spent any time together for months. It will be wonderful to enjoy a meal, some wine, and great conversation with them.

  5. Great proportions on the top and bottom and I LOVE the light grey dark grey combination in the shirts.

  6. Okay, so I have to say I am REALLY digging those boots! The look great with your chosen proportions. Who makes the ones in your Polyvore? Do you have the same pair? I bet those leggings look really great with that sweater. Good idea with the tone-on-tone color (the scarf). Enjoy that extra 15-20 inches of snow you should be seeing by the morning!

  7. Akhirah, the Polyvore boots are Ann Demeulemeester, last season, I think. They're georgeous, aren't they? Tres expensive at over $900, and I'm not sure they're available anymore. I bought my boots from a consignment shop in Falls Church for just under a $100; I don't know what brand, but they are similar except for the toe box.

    You should browse and for "wedge boots"; I checked them out and there are some nice boots that would work.

  8. A,
    I wish I had friends like that to come over for a wonderful dinner on the spur of the moment ... actually maybe I should just come out there and be your neighbor! I know I would love hanging out with you so much.
    PS I didn't think I could ever wear a skirt that short but then voila! realized tights make it possible. I'm still not sure they are the most flattering thing to my thighs, but so far am liking the look. I would never in a MILLION years wear this skirt in the summer without tights.

  9. K, you're sweet. I have great neighbors. Everyone has been so helpful this week--shoveling sidewalks, digging out cars--I thought it would be nice to get together. I made a simple pasta--spaghetti with olive oil and garlic--and my neighbors each brought something to share--salad, bread, dessert, wine. It was a lovely way to spend another snowy evening.

    And re: the skirt, I haven't worn a skirt or a dress since 1998!