Friday, February 12, 2010

1 Sweater, 5 Ways: Friday

Today is the last day of the sweater series that I've been doing with Kristi over at La Bella Figura. This project has been so much fun because I got to play around in my closet which I never take time to do. This series also gave me permission to try out something new on my blog--talk about clothes--which I also never do. While I'll never be a fashion writer, I have to admit I enjoyed the change. And learning how to use Polyvore let me tap into my creative side (I've already started working on a collage for a future post!) Finally, I think Kristi and I both agree that the best part of the series was the comments from readers.

It's been wonderful working with Kristi. She is open and generous, and so creative, and I hope we get to work together on another project.


You'll recognize the pieces I'm wearing today: I wore the boots on Monday and Tuesday, the pants and coat on Tuesday, the black tee on Monday and Wednesday. But today I've added something new--la pièce de résistance--a splash of color! My friend Leigh suggested that I add a bright color to my neutral tones, so voila--this red scarf. The scarf was a gift, not a purchase, and though it's beautiful, I never wear it because it's so bright.

But I've been indoors for days because of the snow and when I go out today I could use a little bright, n'est-ce pas?

Bon week-end!


  1. I think that scarf is great! It will help you stand out in the snow, like a cardinal.

  2. Yes, make me stand out--which is exactly why I never wear it!

  3. I bet the scarf looks great with your lipstick as well. I shy away from red, too, because of that fact (standing out), but have been able to handle it in smally doses, such as a scarf.
    I love this look the best out of the week, I think.

  4. Love the red, it is a nice touch. Hooray to you for trying something new (both with the series on fashion and the touch of red)! Really enjoyed the series on both blogs-hope this encourages you to do it again! My favorite part about this series was seeing how "nailed down" your style really is. I think that is fabulous. It was really neat to see how you played with the same silohette all week in fresh ways. You and Kristi both kept it fresh while at the same time each allowing your own creativity to take over.

  5. Love the red! I read your comment back to Leigh and I'm totally laughing out loud because I can hear you saying that. However, you should wear bright colors near your beautiful face! Have a relaxing weekend.