Saturday, January 16, 2010

A week of French wines, c'est fini

It's been a great week of wine tasting and writing. I enjoyed browsing the wine section of the local grocery stores looking for different wines to try. I confess to being lured by some of the labels, but who could resist a lanky frog wearing a beret?

I also enjoyed figuring out which wine to pair with this week's meals, then sharing my discoveries. I only wish I had the vocabulary to describe the qualities of each wine I tasted.

And while it has no practical value, it was interesting to learn a few things about French wine. I now know the difference between a blend and a varietal, and understand the meaning of AOC and vin de pays. I stumbled on this webpage, "Introduction to French Wine Labels 101" which I found helpful.

Now, I just have to figure out what do to with so many open bottles of wine . . .


  1. Serve those bottles up to the special people in your life! I'm sure any of your friends would love to have a glass (or two) with you!

  2. I really enjoyed this series A. How thoughtful of you to fill us in on the reviews. It's so helpful when choosing a bottle of wine!

  3. You could always have a party - I'm available this weekend!

  4. Very informative, and great pictures, too.
    Thanks for posting this series.

  5. I rather enjoyed it as well. Merci!


  6. What a lovely series. Thanks for sharing so much great info!

  7. Thanks so much for this appetizing series -- much appreciated. Inspriring and practical, just like all your other posts; always worth stopping by! I'm going to try that pappardelle dish -- very Mediterranean. And needless to say I need a bottle of that 'frog wine', if only for the label; cutest bottle I've seen in ages. But I trust the wine will be tasty enough, cute etiquette or not.

  8. Definitely have a party! It would be a shame to have all that lovely wine go to waste.

    Like you, I am always swayed by the labels on wine...I especially fall for the french wines with the simple Ivory or white labels with an ink drawing of a chateau on the front.