Saturday, January 9, 2010

B&G's Bistro Wine

I never realized how much I was missing in the wine section; there are all kinds of wonderful things there, like Barton & Guestier's Bistro Wine.

For this evening's dinner I needed a pinot noir; I was preparing a sauce that called for pinot, so I wanted a wine I could use for both cooking and drinking.

In the red wine section this colorful label caught my eye, and priced at $8.98 it fell within my $10 budget. B&G is a trusted French vintner (and the Frenchmen on the label look happy enough), so I decided to give it a try.

I prepared one of my favorite meals--petite filet of beef on a bed of garlic sauteed spinach and a potato galette--and this wine held its own. Though not as full-bodied as some pinots, it worked well for the sauce and for the table.

That said, Bistro Wine Pinot Noir is not a wine that I would drink on its own, without food; while a nice complement to a meal it's a bit peppery to stand alone.

Would I recommend it? Hmmm, not sure. Let's see what the rest of the week brings.

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