Saturday, January 30, 2010

Attention IKEA shoppers

I promise you, I do not spend my weekends at IKEA, even though this is the second post in a week I mention it. But I know some readers will love this, so I want to pass it along.

It's the UNG DRILL frame, pictured here in all its $24.99 IKEA glory. When I spied it I thought it looked very French with its Baroque curls. I imagined it painted taupe or grey, and distressed for a French country look and hanging in Bonour Madame Stephanie's newly renovated dining room.

I did a little research and it turns out this item has already made its rounds on many of the online design blogs. Here's what I found:
Back in 2007, Apartment Therapy posted about IKEA's ornate frame, and just last Septmeber it showed up again!

On IKEA Hacker, Kathleen painted the frame white and used chalk board spray paint on the glass to create a beautiful chalkboard, while over at the blog A Brooklyn Limestone in Progress, Mrs. Limestone left the UNG DRILL frame black, but added a bit of screening to create an earring holder.

DIY Network Cathy Fillian used this frame to make a tricked out corkboard, while {in the tweeds} actually used it as a frame in their newborn nursery.

And moi? Well, if I were to buy this frame, I might paint it that taupey grey color and get my friend Leigh to help me distress it. Anyway, with so many possibilities, it's fun to think about.

Do you have a creative idea how to make this look more French? How would you use it?


  1. I'll help any time, but I think it would like nice with a simple white paint and wide ribbon hanger.

  2. It's really nice. It would look great with an oyster grey paint and glaze over it. Or maybe put a mirror in it. I love the chalkboard idea. Lately I'm into monogrammed linens. You could put a monogram in there of a linen towel or something stretched inside the frame. So many possibilities! I wish we had an ikea.

  3. I would have my son's silhouette done and place it in the frame, keeping the frame black. I think it's a spectacular frame