Tuesday, January 26, 2010

$5 French Market

I have a confession: I'm addicted to Etsy. It's not that I buy, but I love to browse; it's virtual window shopping. And when I find something, I think it's only fair to pass it along to you, n'est-ce pas?

That's why I'm sharing the link to the $5 French Market. True to its name, everything on this Etsy shop sells for only five dollars. I shopped here a few months ago, and come back every so often to see what's new.

My current favorite are these ivory candles hand stamped with French ecriture; the pair are tied with a simple bias tape knot. Click on the pic for a close-up view. I bought these candles for a hostess gift but they are so unusual, I think I'll have to buy another set for myself.

The customer service is great: the items were shipped quickly, arrived in perfect condition, and Jenny and Lauren even tucked in a few surprises.

Do you have a favorite Etsy site? Leave a comment and give your favorite Etsy site a little shout out!


  1. Thanks so much for pointing out this great Etsy seller.

    I love to look at all the Independent Yarn Dyers. What wonderful colors to brighten up a winter day. If you like this kind of stuff, try I Made Yarn by Joyuna.

    Great post.

  2. Omg, their items are LOVELY. Thank you so much for directing us to this seller. I just ordered candles, ribbons, gift tags, and flower petals. What fun! This is the first time I've ever ordered from Etsy, so ... my favorite seller is $5 French Market!

  3. There are too many to pick from, but funnily enough I just started an etsy feature myself.

  4. This is a fantastic site and I'm so glad you introduced it here! I love etsy! I have a lot of favorites but I really love to just explore and see what is out there all the time. Currently "grainsack" is a new obsession.

  5. A, I think this posting about $5FM broke the store! I just checked on their listings this morning and they have de-listed everything temporarily while they ship orders and re-stock treats. A notice says they've been ovewhelmed with orders. :o)

  6. I just checked too and they are so busy they had to close to fill orders! They are popular!

  7. You're right--they're temporarily out of items! Well, I hope that is a good thing, yes?

    Leigh, congrats on your Etsy site! You need to send me the link.

    S, thanks for the grainsack link; I will refer to it when I do a post on French textiles.

    Vivianne, thank you for the I Made Yarn link, and Marsi, enjoy your purchases!

  8. My favortie Etsy site is Dinnie Wrinkles Design (dinniewrinklesdesign) she makes hand painted items for girls. I have ordered some things for my daugther and Love her designs.