Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Graphique de France

Looking for a last minute holiday gift? I discovered these boxed thank you notecards, so elegant and embossed with a petite Eiffel Tower and "Merci." Perfect for a hostess gift, or keep them for yourself to pen your own holiday thank you note.

I found mine at TJ Maxx for $3.99, but you can buy them online from Graphique de France for $10.00. Even at that price these beautiful boxed notecards are a bargain.



  1. Nice!!!! You can never have enough cards (at least I can't).

  2. Truly nice! amazing that you can find that quality of item at TJMaxx. Thank you.

  3. So cute! Thank you cards are my favorite. Not enough people send them these days!

  4. I work for the company that produces these cards. It's great to hear who much everyone loves our product. Please visit your local TJMaxx store as new designs of the La Petite notecards will be arriving shortly.