Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Cook's Atelier

It's the day after Christmas, and with the preparation and celebration behind me, I have some time to catch up on my favorite blogs.

What a wonderful discovery when I visited The Kitchn this morning: a post about Christmas in Burgundy by chef Marjorie Taylor. For anyone interested in French Christmas traditions, this post is a must-read, and her photographs of Beaune are breathtaking.

When you reach the end of the post, there is a link to Marjorie's weblog and business, The Cook's Atelier. Once there, you can check out her bio and photographs, and read Marjorie's philosophy on sustainability. You can read about the cooking classes and tours offered by Marjorie through The Cook's Atelier. Can't visit Burgundy? Not to worry, mes amis. You can still visit her blog, Inspirations from the French Market.

If you visit Marjorie's site, I'd love to hear your thoughts. For me, discovering The Cook's Atelier was a delightful day-after-Christmas gift.