Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another French Kitchen

Another quick post for today: if you're a fan of small French kitchens, you'll want to check out Veronique and Thierry's, today's featured kitchen on The Kitchn.

Those of you who have spent time in a French kitchen will recognize the casual, compact style, and everyone will enjoy spotting their favorite French products and cookware on the open shelving.


  1. My favorite part of this kitchen, is probably the least understood by most magazines-the fact that this kitchen looks like it actually belongs to people who use it, not by people who LOOK like they use it. The kitchen is clean, but there are knife marks on the cutting board, fingerprints on the table and spices/kitchen products visable in each photo. May not be everyone's idea of comfortable, but I feel like I could pull up a seat and chit chat in that kitchen!

  2. Akhirah, I agree. This is not a showcase kitchen, but a working kitchen, and that makes it inviting. J'adore the compact size, and the blend of old world feel and the modern.