Sunday, October 4, 2009

Que vais-je cuisiner?

So, what do I have in mind for these ingredients?

The Italian sausage will make its way into a pasta dish as well as an egg dish as will the asparagus, and a few of the onions and tomatoes. The onions and tomatoes will also combine to help create a base for a meal of braised chicken. Onions will be the main ingredient in a galette, and will marry well with acorn squash and pork chops. With the help of the pasta sauce, eggplant become a fragrant parmesano. And the apples and grapes will create simple desserts.

But more essential than the food I purchased are those items in my pantry and fridge. I've said before that a well stocked pantry is the backbone of my kitchen. A well stocked pantry allows me to create meals from any ingredients, whether I buy them at the farmers market, Whole Foods, Costco, or my neighborhood chain grocery store.

Are you interested in the meals and recipes?

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