Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Petite Écolier

On my visit to France two summers ago, my nephews Maxime et Jules, introduced me to Petit Écolier biscuits. Oh how I loved those buttery biscuits with the perfect layer of melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate. I was hooked forever.

Once home, I knew I had to find those cookies. I thought I had seen them in one of the neighborhood grocery stores, but which one? And would they still carry them? I was thrilled when finally, I found them at my favorite hypermarché, Super Target!

The history of LU is adapted here:
"The Lefèvre-Utile Biscuit Company was a baker and cookie maker founded in Nantes, France in 1846 by Jean-Romain Lefèvre. Today it is known as LU.

The name LU comes from Lefèvre and his business partner and wife, Pauline Utile. Their initials--LU--were first utilized by Alfons Mucha for an 1897 ad for the Lefèvre-Utile Biscuit Co. That same year the company hired Firmin Bouisset to create a poster ad.

Bouisset created Petit Écolier ("the Little Schoolboy") which incorporated the LU initials. Bouisset's poster was used extensively and the image was embossed on the company's Petit Beurre line of biscuits. Within a few years, the success of the logo resulted in the company becoming known as LU."

You can read more about the history of LU, the art, and the products by visiting the LU website. What's more, is since I discovered Petit Écolier two years ago, my neighborhood grocer now carries the whole line of LU products including Petit Écolier with white chocolate, dark chocolate, and extra dark chocolate!

If you haven't tasted Petit Écolier biscuits, check to see if your neighborhood grocer carries them. And if you can't find them, let me know because I just might have to send you a box . . .


  1. I knew we called it Tar-Jay for a reason :)

    I'll keep on the lookout for these.

  2. My French teacher in High School introduced these to me. I get them all the time at Shaw's supermarket which is a big chain supermarket up here in New England--not sure if its all over the U.S. but its similar to Stop n' Shop/Publix/Hannaford, etc. My favorite are the dark chocolate ones and I like to eat them with hot tea :)

  3. Tine, not sure you'll want to hear this, but, I used them to make upscale s'mores with my students on our spring camping trip! Not the genuine article, I know, but they were sooo tasty :)

  4. Oh we love these and all our supermarkets carry them!!! My husband loves to make me what he calls his "LU cookie special" Lu cookies crumbled over French Vanilla Bean Ice Cream...delicious...

  5. It's so funny to come across this blog now, because all week as a part of Fashion Week and the US Open, promotional models in little red dresses have been handing out samples of the Petit Écolier milk chocolate biscuits on the streets of NYC. They are quite yummy!

  6. s'mores?!?! what a wonderful idea!!!

  7. where can i buy them?

  8. I can't find the white chocolate Little Schoolboy cookies anywhere! HELP!??!

  9. I can't find the white chocolate Little Schoolboy cookies anywhere! HELP!??!