Thursday, September 10, 2009

Eiffel's Tower

Thursday is turning into my day to post about books I've discovered, and this week I recieved help from my Alliance Française newsletter.

On September 18, the Alliance Française de Washington, D.C. is hosting Jill Jonnes, author of Eiffel's Tower. Published in May, this book tells the history of the design, construction, and lasting impact of Gustave Eiffel's tower.

Both the cover and the book's description bring to mind Erik Larson's Devil in the White City. But where Larson's book is historical ficition, Jonnes book is decidedly nonficition, though it has quite a cast of colorful characters. Here's a review from the Alliance Française site:

"In Eiffel’s Tower, Jill Jonnes, author of the critically acclaimed Conquering Gotham, recounts in detail the compelling history of the Eiffel Tower’s conception, building, and reception in Belle Époque France.

At the same time, this lively and entertaining book tells more than the story of the world-famous monument. It also investigates the events and the remarkable artists and personalities that were part of the extraordinary World’s Fair of 1889, from Thomas Edison and Annie Oakley to James Gordon Bennett, Jr. and Vincent van Gogh.

Eiffel’s Tower is a richly textured and extensively researched portrait of a visionary, an architectural icon that became the glamorous symbol of Paris and French culture, and an era at the dawn of modernity, reveling in the limitless promise of the future."

While I won't be able to attend the booksigning, the book has already found a place in my stack of books to read!

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  1. Nice book cover pic I've always been fascinated by the Eiffel Tower's architecture. I have a 3D puzzle of it boxed up & put away in my closet somewhere. Maybe I'll do a review for it sometime. If I still have it.