Monday, August 31, 2009

Fun French Link: Yahoo! France

Though I promised myself I wouldn't blog, I did take my computer to France; every few days I checked my favorite blogs, and my email.

Because I've never taken my computer to France, what I didn't realize is, when you log on to Yahoo! in France, you find yourself at Yahoo! France.

When I first discovered this it took me a few minutes to get oriented, but after that it was great fun; what a wonderful opportunity to practice my French reading. Once I established the context I found that I could muddle my way through some articles, and the photos provided good text support.

Seriously, this is a challenge but so entertaining.

Enjoy Monday's "Fun French Link!"


  1. How fun! Ive looked at Yahoo Japan before too. Try to figure that one out. Wheww

  2. OK, I made this my home page. How fun.