Friday, June 19, 2009

Paris Shopping List Giveaway

I've finished teaching for this school year so I'm going to take a little vacation from My French Corner. But before I leave I want to announce a new giveaway.

Many readers are planning to visit France over the next few months. They have lists of places to visit, sites to see, and things to buy. Sadly, not everyone will be going to France, but, that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun, non?

Imagine this: you are going to Paris and you have 1000 € (about $1400 USD) to spend on anything you want. How will you spend it? You can spend it all in one place or on a single item, or, you can have as many items on your Paris shopping list as you can afford.

I have ten tiny treasures to give away to the first ten eager readers who post their Paris shopping list. I'll announce the ten winners next week when I return.

So, what's on your Paris shopping list?


  1. Gosh, I'll start it.
    1. Several of those fabulous French dish towels you told us about several posts ago.
    2. The fluer de sel you've also mentioned
    3. How much does Josy Mermet's services cost? I'd forego the towels and salt to have her consultation done.
    4. A linen bread bag
    5. Another French market basket
    6. Something fabulous at a flea market, such as a vintage scarf or antique jewelry.
    7. Something cute and French for my kids to wear.
    PS Enjoy your week off, but I'll miss reading you.

  2. A pair of Roger Vivier flats in red.

    A pair of black Repetto ballet flats.

    A whole mess of those inexpensive pashminas and scarves you can find near the Pompidou and Notre-Dame.

    A box of macarons from Laduree and one of their reusable shopping bags to carry them in.

    A Monoprix shopping spree that includes Email Diamant red toothpaste, Papier d'Armenie burning papers, and those black thong pantiliners (sorry, just being honest!).

    Mariage Freres tea.

    That might just about do it!

    Fun posting. Fun to daydream. Enjoy your week off -- it coincides with my annual excursion to San Francisco, so I'm glad to hear I won't be missing any posts. A bientot!

  3. OK, after seeing Marsi's post I want to also add a pair of black Repetto ballet flats. Or maybe red ones. Marsi, have a great time in SF!

  4. I would probably make one larger purchase at YSL. Like a new bag, or a gorgeous pair of shoes.

    The rest would probably be spent on macarons at Laduree. :)

    Sad...but true!

  5. This is easy as I think about this on a daily basis!
    1. Hermes scarf vintage size 70cm.
    2. Guerlain parfum (will decide when I get there)
    3. Soaps from Durance
    4. Wooden spoons and whisk from E. Dehllerin
    5. Vintage clutch purse from Gabrielle Geppert.
    6. Annick Goutal perfume, Eau de Ciel
    7. A new red lipstick.
    8. Longchamp le pliage bag
    9. Repetto ballet flats
    10. A great haircut.

    Oh this was fun!

  6. 1. Hermes Cashmere Shawl
    2. Repetto Ballet Flats

  7. Oh fun! I don't even know where to start.

    1. a hermes journal to go with the waterman fountain pen I bought during my last visit.
    2. and a chandelier from the flea market
    3. and if i have a couple euros left over, a coffee at one of the cafes near place de vosges

  8. Since I am going with my mother and my sister, my money won't go as far! However, I would use the funds to purchase:
    1. Dinner in an exquiste restaurant with ambiance, lots of people watching opportunities and EXCELLENT food.
    2. A beautiful couture bolt of fabric for my mother (who is a sewing-lover)
    3. I would split the rest between my sister and myself and purchase a pair of fabulous shoes for each of us so that we will both have a wonderful momento of our trip!

  9. Black Repetto Ballet Flats
    Navy Repetto Ballet Flats
    Black Longchamp Rouseau Shoulder Bag
    The biggest flacon of Guerlain's Vol de Nuit that I can get my hands on!
    Bottle of Klorane Shampoo

  10. Dinner at Georges V - all in one shot! This would be an ultimate treat for all five senses and a once in a lifetime evening.