Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Moka

I’m not someone who drinks coffee all day, but I do enjoy a cup in the morning, and sometimes one in the afternoon. To make coffee, I take lessons from the Italians--not the French--and prepare my morning coffee in a small stovetop coffee pot, the Moka Express.

Manufactured by Bialetti, the Moka comes in several sizes; I have a one-cup that I use everyday, and a six-cup that I use when I have guests. Just a note that these are espresso cups; for making brewed coffee a French press would be my choice.

Both of my Mokas are aluminum, though stainless and electric models are available. But there is something quaint and European about the aluminum models, and, I am certain the coffee tastes much better in these more traditional pots.

You can buy this little piece of European luxury for less than $20; if you enjoy espresso, it is worth every penny.

Is it possible that there is something the Italians do better than the French? Hmm . . .


  1. Just found your blog. i love this post & the one you linked to about pausing in the afternoon. i'm going to try to do this more often!

  2. Revisionista, thanks so much for commenting. I hope you visit often.

    I visited your blog and LOVE it. I'm an English teacher, so revising is something near and dear to me. I also enjoy bookmaking and have done a bit of it with my students--is that a Japanese stab binding on your book?

  3. See, we are definitely soul sisters. It's proven now. OK, now it's going to get even stranger because I have planned to write about a French Press on my post Friday. It's a little bit of a bizarre story.

  4. When I saw those Bialettis in your kitchen cupboard, I laughed! What are the chances?! I can't wait to read your French press post.

  5. So is this good espresso that the Moka makes? I have always been curious about them. And I have no idea how they work!

  6. It is very good espresso, Marsi, and you can't beat the price.

    Here's a link with photos of the parts of the Moka and a good explanation of how it works.