Tuesday, June 16, 2009

French laundry

There are few things as satisfying as a stack of ironed and folded laundry sitting in a crisp stack, ready to be put away. I know ironing is not high on anyone's list of domestic chores, in fact, I don't know many people who iron at all.

This makes sense, as so many articles of clothing no longer require ironing; "permanent press," "no press," "no-wrinkle," "wrinkle free," "quick dry" are desireable when purchasing clothing and linens, because, well, who has time for ironing?

Ironing has long been associated with the drudgery of housekeeping, and rightfully so. Before the invention of the electric iron, smoothing clothes meant a full day's work. And though the electric iron was intended to make the work easier, the process of ironing clothes continued to be an arduous task.

I do iron, and confess, I enjoy it. I don't dedicate hours to the task, but it is something I do several times a month; touching up pillowcases, napkins, and tablecloths is easy to do, and I find it satisfying. I cherish the color, texture, and quality of textiles, and enjoy caring for the ones I have.

Ironing certainly isn't a French thing, or even a European thing. Perhaps, like line drying clothes, ironing may be one of those chores that remind us of a gentler time.

Thoughts, svp?


  1. I don't like to iron but I like freshly pressed linens and clothing. I only iron napkins, place mats and handkerchiefs. I have a cousin that irons everything, even sheets. I love to visit her home, everything is so clean, crisp and fresh

  2. I don't mind ironing, especially since using floral ironing water makes it so pleasant. I received a bottle of rose ironing water from L'Occitane years and years ago and LOVED it. But once it was gone, I couldn't justify the massive expense of it, so I made my own. A bottle of Evian + 4 oz. of rosewater from my favorite spice shop = cheap, chic perfection.

  3. I really don't like to iron, but once I get going it's not so bad. I like everything else about doing laundry though. Slipping into a bed with fresh clean sheets is one of my favorite things.

  4. We all love climbing between those crisp clean sheets, but they're not easy to iron, oui? So, here's a secret: wash your sheets, put them in the dryer, but take them out while they are still a bit damp.

    Put the sheets on the bed, pull them tight, hand smooth them, then let them finish drying on the bed--maybe an hour or so. When the linens are dry, finish making your bed as usual.

    I guarantee, when you climb into bed, your sheets will be as crisp as if you ironed them. C'est une bonne idée!

  5. I only iron when I pull something out of my closet and want to wear it and it needs a good ironing.

    I typically take stuff right out of the dryer and hang, or in the case of linens, put them right on the bed

  6. I buy ironing water at Marshalls and it is around $3.99/bottle. I don't mind ironing and I love ironed sheets. I like Anneychic linen hints and I am going to try it next time I wash my sheets. Does anyone know if I can add lavender oil to bottled water and make my own spray?? I like the new lettering.

  7. I actually enjoy ironing. There is something satisfying about caring for what you own and ironing makes me feel this way! I iron jeans and tee shirts but not linens.

  8. I enjoy finding a few hours each week to iron. It's a time to unwind and let all the thoughts jumbled in my mind work themselves out. Plus, I like how my closet is tidy and organized when I am finished!