Friday, May 22, 2009

Guest posts: Petite gemmes

Some of the best suggestions submitted by readers were brief, but to the point. I’m posting them collectively under the title petite gemmes, because each one is a jewel.

Anonymous writes:
“It surprises me that Americans save champagne for special occasions—weddings, New Year's Eve, toasts. The French break out the champagne for a gathering of friends, elevating a simple gathering to a special occasion.”

Charlotte writes:
“If you have the space, plant several pots of lavender and you can enjoy them year round: in the summer when it blooms, then cut sprigs for wreaths and sachets.”

Christiane writes:
“Why do American women need to wear a different outfit every day of the week when they go to the office? A scarf, a piece of jewelry, a belt—this is all one needs to create a new look, n’est pas?

cocofan writes:
“When buying produce, buy fresh, buy local. There’s really no excuse anymore.”

bijoux1965 writes:
“Plant an herb garden.”

allure21 writes:
“I know this will sound crazy but what I’ve learned from French women is if you want to save money on clothes you should spend more money on clothes. It’s a contradiction, but makes sense if you think about it: buy one quality skirt—the color, the fit, the fabric are perfect for you. You love it. You might pay$200, but you wear that skirt almost everyday because it looks fabulous and makes you feel chic every time you wear it. If you wear that skirt forty times in a season, the cost is $5 each time you wear it. If that’s not frugal chic, I don’t know what is!”

Tomorrow's post: So, what is frugal chic?


  1. So true about the Champagne. I was taught that about 10 years ago by my friend's Parisian now ex-husband, and indeed, we now are never without a couple of bottles of bubbly in the fridge at all times.

  2. Great post. Now to just find that one perfect skirt ; )

  3. Champagne is my favorite drink. I like it more than wine. I should change the champagne to wine ratio in my home! I agree about the clothing idea too. All of the tips are great.

  4. I agree with Christiane, why we feel the need to have so many outfits when a simple change of accessories can make several looks from one basic outfit. I had a philosophy professor in college who wore the same dress 2-3 times a week but she always added something different so she never looked the same.