Sunday, May 17, 2009

Guest post: La bicyclette

In my call for guest posts, readers responded with great suggestions on how we can adopt a more frugal Euro-French lifestyle. This post was submitted by laja, who maintains her own blog, Paris on the Cuyahoga. You have to check out the link to Copehagen Cycle Chic!

Laja writes:
"One thing I think Americans can do to adopt a more frugal Euro-French lifestyle is to ride a bicycle more often.

Copenhagen Cycle Chic is a website that incorporates everyday cycling with fashion and photography in an incredible way: no fancy riding clothes, no lycra or special shoes. Just really great looking people, cycling everywhere, every day. This is your inspiration.

The ways that this simple, ancient mode of transport promotes thrift? If more folks do take to the streets we accomplish so much together in an ecological sense: lower gasoline bills and car repairs. Yeah! Our health improves. Fewer doctor visits. The world’s view of you shrinks. You remain constant in weight so you always have wonderful things, that fit, to wear. No excess wardrobe spending! Your personal view expands and you see everyday places differently. Your senses are heightened as when the scent of a tree on a day in spring startles, then delights you. Priceless!

Now is an easy time of year to pull out the bicycle and begin to make it a habit. Remember when the seasons change, there is no bad weather, only bad clothing for it."


  1. I was thinking about this over the past week. We had National Bike to Work day and in San Francisco a lot of people participated - there was a ton of parking spaces, etc. Got me wondering why people couldn't do it more than once a year!

  2. Andi,
    I agree. Why don't we bike more? On the weekends I see LOTS of folks on bicyles, but not so much during the week. Is this because Americans see bicycling as a sport, a weekend activity, but not as a form of transportation?

  3. I adore riding my bike. I always feel so chic riding it. I bought a retro pink schwinn. Now to just find the perfect basket! Great idea for living chicly and frugally!

  4. Wow, Copenhagen Cycle Chic is one of my regular haunts! I'm happy that my town is putting in more bike lanes, and I see more and more cyclists when I bike to work. I think this is a great tip re something we should copy from Europeans. But cycling in NY is slightly deadly. A Dutch cycling website laughed at Americans for wearing helmets, saying, just fall on your bum, that's what it's for! But we Americans don't tend to fall, so much as we get plowed down by speeding cars. So please wear a helmet! I hope cycling becomes more popular all over the country, so people see it as normal and worthy of respect. That said, I adore my bike too. It makes me feel so free-- I know it's a cliche, but I truly feel like I'm flying when I ride.

  5. Kristi, thanks for commenting. I was hoping you would want to do a guest post--you were the one who inspired me to do this series!

  6. Great post. I want to get a bike. I love Copenhagen Cycle Chic, it is so inspirational.

  7. These comments make me happy, I'd love to see more bicycles, ridden with elan, and maybe we'll spur this little revolution onward! La