Saturday, April 25, 2009

Le marché

I am fortunate to live in an area where the farmer’s market is open year round. In the winter months the produce selection is limited to winter greens, squash, onions and potatoes, but I’m going today in the hope that there will be asparagus.

The American farmer's market is a not-too-distant cousin of the French marché. In fact, because of the recent increase in farmer's markets and the number and type of vendors, the American farmer's market is looking more like a twin than a cousin. In my area, all vendors at a farmer's market must be within a 125 mile radius of the the area, which guarantees food is absolutely fresh.

As the weather gets warmer, there are more vendors at the market. Today, I need to buy potatoes, onions, and garlic. I ask around and there is no asparagus this week, but one vendor has some beautiful carrots, so I buy a few pounds. I buy eggs from Polyface Farm; they're not at the market every week, but today I'm in luck. I also buy some fresh spinach ravioli and a jar of fresh pommarola sauce from Cavanna Pasta, one of my favorite vendors. On the way home from the farmer’s market I stop to buy bread at the bakery, and can’t resist the pastries so I buy a few.

So what will be for dinner this week? Well, there will be spinach ravioli for sure, an egg dish (maybe a quiche?), and for tonight I've decided to make a carrot soup. There are several excellent recipes for carrot soup, but my current favorite is on page 70 of Alice Waters' cookbook The Art of Simple Food. All the ingredients I need I have at home or in my market basket, including that baguette which smells so good.

Tomorrow's post: Dimanche croissants de matin


  1. I love market shopping and prefer the idea of eating what is seasonal. xv

  2. And you live in the perfect place to enjoy market shopping! What is the Wednesday market like in St. Remy?