Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A few of my favorite things

Last week, Stephanie at Bonjour Madame graciously passed on a Kreativ Blogger award to me, and I promised to pass it along. The rules are to list seven things you love and then pass the award on to seven others. So in no particular order, here are seven of my favorite things:

1. My book group. We've been together for more than ten years.
2. My family. We've been together forever.
3. Teaching. I love what I do.
4. My students. They make it easy for me to love what I do.
5. Playing the cello. I hope one day I'll advance past the D string.
6. All things French, especially my brother-in-law and nephews.
7. My home. I think I would rather be there than anywhere else in the world.

Now I would like to pass the award along to . . .

Paris Breakfasts I enjoy her blog, her art, and seeing Paris through her (camera) lens these past few weeks has been a treat. You'll enjoy the Misadventures with Andi. Andi visited my blog which led me to hers. Her banner will make you smile. So will the Parisienne Farmgirl whose writing assures me that I can still love all-things-French and love the outdoors, too.

A Simple Life is what we're after, non? I know this blogger has already received the award, but she deserves another for confirming that I am not the only one who wears a *uniform.* Euro Chic, does not need a formula for dressing, as evidenced her by her blog. She’s not posting regularly, but her blog was an early inspiration for my own.

Another inspiration is Emily at Stark Raving Cello. A cellist, a teacher, and a writer, I know I would advance quickly with Emily as my teacher.

Finally, who wouldn't love Parisian Spring? Tanya writes about Paris and Washington, D.C., two of my favorite cities.

And though she doesn't have a blog, I want to pass along a merci to Cynthia, from the FC group. She was my first fan.


  1. Thanks! You haven't left your email address when you've left comments so I had to track you down by Google, luckily you came up! Thanks so much for the award! I am so happy to have found your blog, and several other french/parsian ones in the past week, I stumbled into a world I have been hoping to find! Vive all things francais !

  2. Quelle suprise! Merci pour cela. J'espere d'habiter sur la peninsule DelMarVa. Peut-etre nous avons besoin de parler de temps en temps, oui?

    Je suis désolé pour mon Français terrible, et les accents manquants! Comme du cello, il faut pratiquer constamment...

    A bientot!


  3. Emily,
    Not only are you an accomplished cellist, teacher, and writer, but you speak fluent French. Mon dieu! You deserve the award!

    I hope it brightened your week.

  4. Thank you so much for including me! And for introducing me to your blog :-)

  5. You're very welcome! Keep writing--I love seeing Washington through your eyes.

  6. Congratulations on your award. Thank you so much for passing it to me, I am flattered. I so enjoy reading your blog.

  7. Thanks again for the award! See my notes: