Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dimanche croissants de matin

Sunday morning is special, a time for rituals and traditions. For many it is a time to celebrate their faith, for some it is a time to visit family or close friends; many do both. However we spend this special morning, we still must eat, oui?

At my house, Sunday morning brings a special treat: croissants. I mentioned there is a pâtisserie in my neighborhood that sells the most delicious pastries, and they also make perfect croissants. Plain, amande, chocolat--everyone has their favorite. This morning it is deux pain au chocolat and three croissants. No need to go into detail who ate what; it's enough to say that they were delicious!

And for dinner, spinach ravioli with the pommarola sauce I bought yesterday at the farmer's market. Add to that a salad made with the last of this week's baby greens, and a glass of wine for a delicious late afternoon dîner.

Tomorrows post: Putting it all together


  1. Indulge me here...are these croissants of the buttery flaky variety with a crisp exterior and pillow soft interior like you find in France? Can you tell I miss them? I am spoiled on croissants now and have not found one here that compares.....yet.

  2. LOL Stephanie! I will send some to you if you like.

    The owner of this bakery, Marc Randolph, was a former pastry chef at the Watergate. Together with his wife, they have maintained this pâtisserie for at least 18 years. Everything they do, from croissants to cupcakes, is delcious. Believe me when I say I know how fortunate I am to have this in my neighborhood.

  3. When we lived in France my greatest weekend pleasures where croissants or escargot, we had the most wonderful baker in town who also happened to be an award-winning chocolatier - it was heaven. Our other favorite Sunday tradition was a roasted chicken which we ate with salad and wine....miss that!

  4. Andi, have you maintained any of your French *traditions* since moving back to the states?

  5. My mouth is watering. I am loving these posts. Looking forward to more.