Friday, August 12, 2011

Week-end Simple: Don't make your bed

I enjoy keeping house and take pleasure in small, daily chores--opening the window blinds in the morning, washing dishes, folding linens.  I even enjoy making the bed.  But in the summer, I give myself permission to not make by bed.

There's something luxurious and sensual--even sexy--about an unmade bed. Soft percale and a light cotton blanket, relaxed, unfussy, casual, inviting.

An unmade bed reminds me of childhood summers at the beach when we would get out of bed early in the morning and head down to the ocean to make the most of the day.

School begins soon, and I will go back to rising at 5:30 and my early morning routines.  But for the next few weeks I will continue to enjoy my summer and the pleasure of an unmade bed.

The image is of a beautiful painting by artist Sally Strand.


  1. wow, I must've been very sexy in my teens and 20s. I've been loving my 30s, where the whole morning seems to begin when my bed is smooth and the blinds are open to the morning sun.

  2. My husband must have been very sexy before we were married; he never made the bed.

    I do like to linger in bed on the weekends, but I'm not sure I could go all day without making the bed. I'd like to think I could aspire to the sexy, tousled hair, black negligee look. Maybe I'm just uptight - and perhaps I'll give it a go this weekend.

  3. I LOVE that picture! Wish my unmade bed looked like that :-)

    I see she does workshops too, but I live in the UK so those are not an option...

  4. My unmade bed always looks messy, maybe if I just had a white fitted sheet and duvet. But I like the feeling of getting into a nicely made bed each evening.