Friday, June 10, 2011

Week-end Simple: Take care of what you have

One of the temptations when moving into a new house is to start over with everything new.  Start fresh, start over. But isn't it better to take care of what you already have?

When I moved in, the brass hardware on my front door was tarnished black, from years of neglect.  But rather than replace it, I decided to polish it, bring it back to life, and, take care of it.  I'm reminded of  all the Hausmann apartments I've visited in Paris; they are still beautiful because someone takes care of them. 

So this weekend, make time to take care of something--wash a sweater, polish a pair of your shoes, sew on a missing button.  Taking care of what you have has its own, intrinsic reward.

Bon week-end!


  1. Is that really your door? What a cool shot. I need to remember to do the projects I have materials on hand for and/ finish what I started.

  2. My French CornerJune 10, 2011 at 8:28 PM

    It is my door--with the brass door plate half-polished!

  3. This is such a good reminder. I'm that girl who loves polishing metals, so I saw that door and was instantly jealous, as a side note. :)

    After each season is over it's a good idea to look over that season's clothing, especially outerwear from the fall/winter. Sew buttons on tighter (even if they haven't fallen off), handwash, hang dry and then carefully put away. I'm headed this next week to a cobbler to have shoes done (re-soled and new heel tips). And my greatest achievement ever has been realizing that thanks to the fine knit, I've been able to sew up holes in fine wool and cashmere sweaters where you never would know there had been one!

  4. Oh my, I'm so excited to have been led to your blog. We just returned from a long-dreamed-of two weeks in France, but it just wasn't enough. I know that when I finally finish blogging about it, and posting all my pictures, I am going to suffer serious withdrawal pains! Perhaps visiting your blog will help ease them.

  5. Oh, and by the way, just glancing over the titles of your Weekend Simple posts made me giddy -- those are just the kinds of things I love to do, and while everyone else was snapping photos of all the buildings and monuments, I was snapping photos of people, cafes, chocolat chaud, and marches!

  6. (I think my comment disappeared! pardon if this is a repeat)
    I love this kind of weekend and I so enjoyed stripping our old metal plates in our old house. They go with glass doorknobs and now they look fantastic, all polished and bright.

  7. What did you use to get the copper so shiny? It looks fabulous!!