Thursday, May 12, 2011

My French Closet: Before

Okay, it's not really French, but it is my closet! 

In my bedroom, I'm fortunate to have a larger-than-average closet.  At 38 inches, its deeper than other closets in the house, though a quirky configuration of rods and shelves and dormers (which you can't see in this photo) make some of the space impossible to access.

The closet is also high and long, but as you can see, the current set-up results in a lot of wasted space.

When I moved in, this closet had a set of inexpensive, hollow sliding doors that moved on a track.  Before having the wood floor refinished, I removed the doors and the track.  When the floor was completed, I decided I liked the closet without the doors, and now I have a true "walk in" closet.  I know it's unusual to not have doors on a closet, but I keep the closet tidy so, the absence of doors doesn't bother me. 

Another thing that's unusual about my bedroom is that I don't have any drawer space--by choice.  Rather than a bulky dresser, I've always had cubby space in my closet, a series of built-ins to hold everything from shoes and lingerie to sweaters and scarves.  This closet has only one shelf running the length of the closet which is where all of my sweaters and folded clothes are currently stored.

So, working with the contractor, we've designed a closet interior that will include floor-to-ceiling built-ins as well as plenty of space for hanging.

Tomorrow's post:  The plan


  1. For 20 years I've been trying to talk husband person into getting rid of the horrid closet doors...

  2. This level of organization is what I strive for -- and yet so seldom achieve. Your blog is always so inspirational.

  3. I don't recognize that denim shirt at the end. I wish my closet was that streamlined.